Search on all app models


Hi everybody,

I’m new to ember and I’m developing an app that has multiple models in different routes. I would like to implement a search feature that would be able to find the search term on all of my models. Do you think this can be done and if yes please describe a work flow.

Thank you, XY


I know you can do this in many ways. I have not done this. But I use:

to search. I like this module. Hope someone can describe a workflow.


@broerse thank you for your response!

I already use this addon and it is perfect.

queryResults: computedFilterByQuery('results', 'name', 'typedText')

The results param is a static array at the moment, if only i could find a way to populate results param with all app models.


You could just peekAll for the different record types you care to search. If you want to dig around private apis Ember store also has a record array manager that you may be able to hack into.


That is what i’m trying to implement but i’m failing. The queryResults are populated inside a component so i’m trying to figure out how to peekAll/fetchAll inside that component and feed it to the computedFilterByQuery.

Any ideas?


One way you could do it that may not be very performant is add arrays for each of the record arrays you want

const { Component, computed, inject } = Ember;
const { union } = computed;
const { service } = inject;

function modelPeek(modelType){
  return computed(function(){ this.get('store').peekAll(modelType); });

MyComponent = Ember.Component.extend(
  store: service(),

  models1: modelPeek('model1'),
  models2: modelPeek('model2'),

  allModels: union('models1', 'models2'),


Thank you for your reply.

What i ended up doing is populated my model in route with an RSVP

 model: function() {
     return Ember.RSVP.hashSettled({
         model-one: store.findAll('model-one'),
         model-two: store.findAll('model-two'),

and then injected it to the component

{{search model=model}}

finally utilized it like so

 queryResults: computedFilterByQuery('model', 'fieldtosearch', 'typedText')

Now my major issue is that model-one and model-two have a completely different "model schema" so i have to find a way when the RSVP gets “Settled” to process them and return to the model property a “normalized schema”.

Any ideas?


RSVP.all( [model one records, model two records]).then(function(results){ do whatever normalization you want })


Yes! you are right i’m there but i can’t quite figure it out yet.

using this

model: function() {
    var store =;
    return Ember.RSVP.hashSettled({
        model-one: store.findAll('model-one'), model-two: store.findAll('model-two')
        for(var type in results){
        return results;
    }, function(reason){

i get objects like the following

  menu-one: Object
     state: "fulfilled"
     value: {
        content: ...
        isLoaded: true
        isUpdating: false
        manager: ...
        store: ...
        type: ...

i can’t find a way to access the raw data from the above object, in order to get a particular field and populate a new object and then return it to the model property.