Setting authenticated user info


When my app boots I want to go off to an authenticated URl to fetch the current user info. If the URl returns unauthorized then I will know the user is logged out.

To do this I have an initializer which halts progression:

export var initialize = function(container, app) {
  	    var store = container.lookup('store:main');
            var user = store.createRecord('user', result.result);
            return user;

export default {
  name: 'initialize-user',
  initialize: initialize

And to test this I have a link to the users profile:

{{#link-to 'user-profile' currentUser}}profile{{/link-to}}

Now, given I am logged in so the URL returns the JSON and I can see that once it returns - there is infact a user model in the ember inspector. The link just uses # - so it looks like it was created before the promise returned. Which is confusing and annoying because i am halting progression until the promise completes.

Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this?

I can see that in discourse they are preloading a store with JSON - we can’t do this ATM because we haven’t figured out how to embed ember into an app like ruby or serviecstack c# MVC


I have actually now tried to set up an MVC app within the /app folder - which didn’t work, and also within the /dist folder - again not working because files can’t be found…

How are others dealing with this?