Should I use ember-computed-decorators decorators or not?

I stumbled across the Ember Computed Decorators plugin plugin a month or so ago and, in my opinion, it leads to really clean code. But, I’m not sure about the status of decorators as a whole. The proposal link is about 2 years old and the blog post referenced on the babel site is a 404 error.

Should I revert to “old style” in any app that’s not just for my own personal use?

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As as leader, or member in softwares development we have to thecnical choices at some point. My experience with that give a conservative perspective about new features in production softwares. I prefer keep the things default until it’s added by the core team. For instance, There is some plugins to use Typescript, that has great features also (see angular2), but I still and will continue to use the Ember way.