Shouldn't ember data fulfill an async hasMany without explictly coding the store query?

I’m working a project, where we get many lists for one id. I’m told this should be able to happen automatically in ember data if I define the component property as model=model.relationshipData and once the user clicks the tab to show that component, ember data will fulfill the relationship. I cannot seem to make this happen automatically. This is not an embedded relationship, rather we make the call to my api route via the adapter (which is set up properly) when the user goes to see this part of our app.

I’ve setteld for calling the store to get the relationship in the controller, because my instructions include keeping this behavior out of the component. When I do this, ember data overwrites the entry, for example, if I have three lists, only the final list is show in the model.

Heres the gist: New Twiddle · GitHub

Please ignore the things file which contains things/list should be a dir, not its own file.