Silly query params question

I have a handful of routes that use the same controller in my application. They use a few sticky query parameters so users can conveniently load some state in the app. Yay URLs!

I also have <LinkTo> in route template.

Must I always pass @query to these LinkTo components and any transitionTo invocation? Or should the query parameters and their selected values persist throughout navigation until I navigate with transitionTo('my-route', { queryParams: { someProp: null }}) or clear the properties on the controller?

I think I see RouterService forces model to refresh when queryParams unchanged · Issue #16349 · emberjs/ember.js · GitHub in my application but wanted to confirm my understanding of how query parameters should work.

Simplified one example here: When 2 routes share a controller the query parameter value is reset upon transitioning back to the route you began on.