SOLVED: Yet another "Passing classes to store methods has been removed..."

Hi there,

after getting my DS.RESTAdapter/DS.RESTSerializer working with a Django-API, I decided to get rid of my working stuff in favor of ‘ember-django-adapter’ which is way better tailored to talk to my API.

Well, I got it working pretty quick on simple models w/o having relations, but now I am stuck on getting data that “hasMany” relations to other objects. Did not change my models, but trying to fetch raises the error “Assertion Failed: Passing classes to store methods has been removed. Please pass a dasherized string instead of undefined”

I have no clue, what is causing that error nor where it actually happens.

DEBUG: -------------------------------
ember.debug.js:5227DEBUG: Ember                : 2.0.2
ember.debug.js:5227DEBUG: Ember Data           : 2.0.0
ember.debug.js:5227DEBUG: jQuery               : 1.11.3
ember.debug.js:5227DEBUG: Ember Django Adapter : 1.1.1
ember.debug.js:5227DEBUG: Ember Simple Auth    : 1.0.0
DEBUG: -------------------------------

Regards, Martin

Sorry, guys! I missed to expand my DRFSerialzer with the DS.EmbeddedRecordsMixin… :-/

Regards, Martin