Static site generator on Ember


Hi! I’d been searching static-site generator on embers and it turned out there are no mature solutions within ember community. I found but it has very limited functionality.

If you try something like Nuxt.js you’ll see what I mean.

My questions are:

  1. Does ember team plan to make static site generator?
  2. Are authors of ember-cli-staticboot going to continue active development?
  3. Do you know any other solutions?
  4. Do you think people actually need full-featured static site generator on Ember?

PS. I’ve tried and it works like a charm. Website loads really fast! Thanks for advice gyus! Example website here


I think cdn’s like cloudflare do a good job speeding things up. See the example that is accessed via cloudflare. The Ember app is coming direct from a relatively slow CouchDB database on See also ember-service-worker to speed things up for the second time. So I would not invest in a full-featured static site generator myself.



Aidan has started a neat publishing pipeline project you might want to check out:


@jacobq Thanks, it looks like what I’ve been searching for


Seems like you may also be interested in


Agreed. Also anulman/hyde builds on top of prember.


Thanks! This is interesting tool as well!