Static site generator on Ember


Hi! I’d been searching static-site generator on embers and it turned out there are no mature solutions within ember community. I found but it has very limited functionality.

If you try something like Nuxt.js you’ll see what I mean.

My questions are:

  1. Does ember team plan to make static site generator?
  2. Are authors of ember-cli-staticboot going to continue active development?
  3. Do you know any other solutions?
  4. Do you think people actually need full-featured static site generator on Ember?

PS. I’ve tried and it works like a charm. Website loads really fast! Thanks for advice gyus! Example website here


I think cdn’s like cloudflare do a good job speeding things up. See the example that is accessed via cloudflare. The Ember app is coming direct from a relatively slow CouchDB database on See also ember-service-worker to speed things up for the second time. So I would not invest in a full-featured static site generator myself.



Aidan has started a neat publishing pipeline project you might want to check out:


@jacobq Thanks, it looks like what I’ve been searching for


Seems like you may also be interested in


Agreed. Also anulman/hyde builds on top of prember.


Thanks! This is interesting tool as well!


Very cool, to find this as I was dreaming about doing this as soon as I installed prember. However, does anyone know if I can use prember to output static files without Ember core linkages (eg. to vendor.css or including any ember files)?

Just looking to use all the goodness of ember but keep static pages super lean (or no .js at all).