Store.peek inside native getter

I’m working with a component that handles websocket updates and uses store.pushPayload when incoming websocket data arrives. I then have code in a native get() that peeks from the store and is displayed on the template:

get wifiStatus() {
    return'wifi-status', 1);

This seems to re-evaluate after pushPayload and the UI updates accordingly, but I’m not really understanding why. My understanding of native getters is that they are re-evaluated when any tracked state they depend on changes. Does the Ember store in this instance have some state change after pushPayload that causes this to re-evaluate? And is doing this bad practice or is it working as expected?

Whenever a render occurs all native getters are re-accessed. Since this is not a cached getter it will re-execute. The pushPayload will notify changed properties and relationships leading to such a re-render.

Said differently, this is a side effect of getters being volatile, I probably would not try to design over it.