Store's filter method adds more cycles at every call



In the following situation, I don’t understand why ember-data at each call of store.filter('type', {}, function() {...}) the cycles over the model change.

Complete JSFiddle situation can be found here.
Just watch your console or test it out, for example removing the query parameter ({}) from different calls, and watch how the cycles change.

I think that this behavior is strange or uncorrect.
Shouldn’t the cycles stay always the same? The records doesn’t become dirty while sideloaded from server and performing the filter or even while filtering them on the current store (which loaded).



Hi @vabatta,

As you have discovered there are some inefficiencies with Ember Data’s current filters. There is currently a plan to make some changes to Ember Data’s filter API before the 1.0 release to allow for it to be smarter about when it recalculates the FilteredRecordArray. Let me know if you have any feedback.


Thanks for the info!

Yes sure, if any I’ll have other feedbacks I’ll report it!