Strange behavior in ember 1.13.*


hi guys, can anybody help me with one strange issue?

I have a controller ApplicationController with controllerInt and controllerString properties. And I have a component RedSquareComponent with componentInt and componentString properties. I bind controllerInt and controllerString to componentInt and componentString via hbs-template, componentString=controllerString=“VALUE FROM CONTROLLER”. In RedSquareComponent I also have .on(‘init’) method which set “SET ON INIT” value to componentString. I’ve added an action to component to handle click on some object (red square) and set some value (for example, 1) to componentInt. But when this action works – componentString also changes (I don’t know why), and become equal to “VALUE FROM CONTROLLER”. Is it a really expected behaviour? The same code works fine on Ember 12.4, but I have checked it on several 13.* versions - it doesn’t work.