Switch build tool


Would be nice to split ember into a number of opt out components(repos) so that devs consume only what they need with https://github.com/component/component/.

The idea is, you’d only install and use the components you need as:

component install emberjs/ember-debug // fetches https://github.com/emberjs/ember-debug
component install emberjs/ember-controls
component install emberjs/ember-metal
component install emberjs/ember-routing
component install emberjs/ember-states
component install emberjs/ember-views

Then build with

component build

Alternatively, the main component at https://github.com/emberjs/ember would include all those as:

// component.json
 "name": "ember",
 "version": "1.0.0",
 "dependencies": {
   "component/jquery": "*",
   "wycats/handlebars": "*",
   "emberjs/ember-debug": "*",
   "emberjs/ember-test": "*",

Then a dev includes ember into his/her app as:

 "name": "app",
 "dependencies": {
   "emberjs/ember": "*"
  "scripts": [

var Em = require('ember')
 , App = Em.Application.create();

Added advantage is, we won’t need custom build steps.


I’m trying to find the right way for components in ember.js as well. Currently I’m working on a couple of components for my apps which I would like to share. Most of them are basic stuff but I’m missing a general concept which system we should use.

Did our core team discuss this topic already and what are your thoughts? I’m not sure if component.io or bower.io is the right way.

It would be nice to have a place where we can search for all kind of components / extensions for ember. Especially for newcomers. Maybe something like plugins.jquery.com

Currently it’s really hard to find components and I would guess most ember devs out there wrote the same component instead of sharing und reusing them.


Yeah, I agree, there isn’t a central ember components listing. A github wiki page would do similar to https://github.com/component/component/wiki/Components. Anyway, you can search components with

component search ember