Templates and controller binding

I’m startung an application and have a template that is binding to a model defined on the route, to the auto generated controller. I want to define a controller to add actions, but as soon as my controller is present an assigned to the template I lose the bindings.

Here is the code:

window.App = Ember.Application.create({
    rootElement: '#app-container'

App.ApplicationView =  Ember.View.extend({
    templateName: 'application'

App.SetupCoverRoute = Ember.Route.extend({
    model: function(){
        return {
            title: 'My book title is long',
            subTitle: 'Eub Ttitle',
            penName: "Author's pen name",
            bookTemplate: "default",
            coverImage: ""

App.SetupCoverController = Ember.Controller.extend({
    isWindowOpen: true

If I remove the SetupCoverController then the bindings work again.

Any help would be appreciated.

Make it an ObjectController, it’ll likely work.

That was the solution. Thanks for the reply.