Templates as separate files hbs


I’m starting with Ember.js, with a back-end in PHP.

I noticed that in the documentation, mostly in the “Templates” has some examples of files with “.hbs”.

I wonder how do I split my templates in separate files.



and in index.html invoke:

<script type="text/x-handlebars">
    {{view "header"}}
    {{view "footer"}}

Please, how do I do that without using third party scripts.

Look at options like:

  • Grunt - It’s disheartening to have several files only pair that.
  • RequireJS - This seems to change the way of working with ember.js

Ember.js has some core extension to enable? Or do you have any plans to enable this?


Just use partials, which doesn’t change how you work with templates. Just create a template and include it in your page, then use {{partial 'templateName'}} and that will render the template within the the current context.


It was a little confusing as to how it all run. I am using “http://gulpjs.com/” and it was decided to refernente templates.



In order to place your templates in separate .hbs/.handlebars files instead of just sticking them all directly in your index.html you will need to use some sort of build process/asset pipeline, ember does not provide this out of the box.

Their are quite a few build tools out there that will help with this though, Broccoli, Gulp, and Brunch to name a few. You could also use Grunt, however many would argue that it should be treated more as a task runner than a build tool, and it is comparatively quite slow, especially with larger projects.

Broccoli is my build tool of choice, and has garnered a large following in the ember community. It is also being used as the build pipeline for ember-cli, the official command line tool for quickly generating and scaffolding ember.js applications. Even though it is still a work in progress, I highly recommend it.


Give this a try: https://www.npmjs.org/package/gulp-ember-handlebars


And this one https://github.com/dgeb/grunt-ember-templates