Testing a component using test heplers


I have a ember-cli built app that i want to test a component using moduleForComponent to test in isolation.

As i am not creating an app for this. Can i use the heplers? obviously not visit ! but click, fillin and then etc ?

How do get access to them in a component unit test ? or is this not for filling in forms and clicking etc but more for just testing methods etc ?

thanks Rick

I’m wondering the same thing. How did you end up testing your component?

Its pretty sad that this topic is just not covered until now. The guides even have a section about using the async test helpers for component unit (!!) tests when they are obviously NOT available in a unit test.

Today we have ember-1.13 and integration tests for components by default. But STILL there are no async test helpers available by default. One hast to create an applications instance and call injectTestHelpers on it, like its done in tests/helpers/start-app. It just feels less weird to do this, as the test is now called “integration” and not “unit” anymore, but why is it not in the default blueprints?

It would be nice if a member of the core can give an answer to this. @rwjblue maybe?