Testing with a promise in an action

I’m trying to write some acceptance tests using ember-testing. I have a test like the following:


  fillIn("[name=email]", "test@example.com");
  fillIn("[name=password]", "abcd1234");

  andThen(function() {
    equal(currentRouteName(), "products.index");

When I click the button, the signIn action on a route triggers. The action calls save() on a model and then do a little more work when that model’s promise resolves. Here is that action:

    signIn: function(session) {
      // during test, gets here before assertion
      session.save().then(function(session) {
        // set the user as signed in
        // assertion already run by the time this is resolved

The problem is, the route (and therefore ember-testing) doesn’t actually know anything about that last promise, so the andThen in the test runs before the final resolve.

Is there a better way to handle the promise on the button click? Or something small I’m missing?

Thanks to the help of @rwjblue I was able to pin this on a bug in ember-testing. See my PR for more details.


I have basically the same issue except I’m issuing a raw ajax call (not through a data layer.) For me the test gets to the code inside the andThen prior to the ajax call completing.


actions: {

  next: function() {

    promise = ic.ajax.request({
      url:         '/users',
      type:        'POST',
      data:        data,
      dataType:    'json',
      contentType: 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
    }).then(function(result) {
      this.send('createSucceeded', data)
    },function(result) {
      # GETS HERE SECOND (i'm testing a failure)
      this.send('createFailed', result.jqXHR)
    ).finally(function() {
      this.set("saving", false)



fillIn('[data-test=first_name] input', 'Person')
fillIn('[data-test=last_name] input', 'Man')
andThen(function() {
    ok($('[data-test=email] .ui.red.pointing.label').length == 1, "errors aren't displaying")

This is running on Ember 1.5.1. I can’t readily tell whether the referenced pull request was included in 1.5.1 but it seems likely. I may try to upgrade to a beta to see if it solves the problem.

Without that fix though I’m having trouble coming up with a good solution to this problem. The test just isn’t waiting and it runs the OK assert prior to the ajax method finishing.

Found the issue for anyone who is looking. If you have included httpRespond it removes the callbacks for ajaxStart/ajaxStop/ajaxSend/ajaxComplete even if you aren’t using the library. This removes the event tracking that Ember is using (it seems @trek, the author of httpRespond, is against or wants to find a better way.) You can see his comment on the pull request above.

For now I’m removing httpRespond to see if I can get this going without any http mocking.