the best way to use Ember 1.0RC with jQuery mobile?

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to combine the both. The first, essential question is: is it sense to use them in a single page web app? if you add Rails to the mix, the things get complex.

The problem is that though there are a few examples how to utilize them, they are in (all) cases quite old and do not use newest Ember.

Or maybe it is an exaggeration to to try to combine them in a simple app?

Thanks in advance!

I tried for a while to update the old examples to the current versions and quit. My thought was without using the $.changePage for navigation, jqm doesn’t work! And if you do that, you lose all the goodness of the new router in Ember.

What I am trying now is to use the CSS alone from jqm, using static handlebars templates that has all the necessary css classes already, added manually. Sucks, I know. But dies the job for what I’ve been trying to do.

You could take a look at what I’ve been doing here -



after watching two popular screencasts and tinkering around my colleage’s project, I think it is possible. Though the code have not been ported to newest version, and it is to some extend experimental and ugly, you can take a look at it if you feel like it.

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