The new getter/setter syntax


I’m migrating to the new getter/setter syntax, but I don’t understand why when I call .get('foo') foo’s get function is not called. Could somebody explain why? Thanks!

See here for a comparison of old style vs new style.,console

With the new setter syntax you still need to return the new value of the computed property after you have updated it in your set function.

Ok, fair enough.

Seems a bit weird to make a call to .get, and get not be called.

The reason why get isn’t called is because Ember tries to be smart and caches the result (in case your get function is expensive). So in this case Ember is remembering the return value from the set and returning that cached values instead of calling get. If you had called get before the set or if you change the value of bar (thus invalidating foo’s cache) you would see Ember call the get function like you would expect.

Ah right, that makes sense :smile:

I see where volatile comes in now.