This.render() can't render template into a sibling template?

According to the API docs, this.render()'s option into can be used to specify where you want to render into, and it said:

Defaults to the parent template

Now I want to change it to a sibling template, I have router like this: {
  this.route('orders', function() {

and orders/index had already implemented with a {{outlet}} in its template.

then, to render orders/new into orders/index’s {{outlet}}, I try this in OrdersNewRoute:

  renderTemplate() {
    this.render('orders/new', {
      into: 'orders/index'

I thought this should works, but when I enter /orders/new url, Ember throws an error to me:

Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: You attempted to render into ‘orders.index’ but it was not found

I’m confused because API doc doesn’t implies that you can’t render into another sibling template, my guess is: since sibling route will not be activated, so Ember just don’t know if its template is available to render into.

Am I right? or are there some further informations that doc didn’t mention?

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interesting. actually, I can not render, not only slibling but also anyothers