TimeoutOverflowWarning during open any page

Spontaneously I’ve started to get the warning after the start of my application in the development environment with ember serve

(node:1) TimeoutOverflowWarning: 2591579998576 does not fit into a 32-bit signed integer.
Timeout duration was set to 1.

Despite this warning, everything works well. I couldn’t understand the reason for it Please give me some direction to figure out the reason for this warning. My version of ember-cli and node:

ember-cli: 3.14.0
node: 12.16.1
os: linux x64

We had this too and it was fixed by

I have same situation with ember 3.17.0

We don’t have this after Ember 3.16.2 and tested with 3.17.0

If you have this error running https://github.com/broerse/ember-cli-blog as test it may be something in your development environment.