TransitionAborted when performing a full route transition with changed query params


Why does a TransitionAborted error get thrown when performing a full route transition when changing query params?

I am working off of the "Opt-in to full transition via refresh()" example provided at the bottom of the query parameters Ember guide (

The only change I made was to log errors:

Ember.RSVP.configure('onerror', function(error) {
  Ember.Logger.assert(false, error);

Here is an updated JS Bin:,output

If you click the “Change it” button, you’ll see a TransitionAborted error thrown in the console.

I’ve been trying to upgrade Ember in my app from 1.7.0-beta.1+canary for some time now, but many of my QUnit tests fail when I run them all together. Most of my tests are fine if I run them in isolation. I suspect the TransitionAborted errors may be causing the test failures. However, I’m not sure if TransitionAborted exceptions are normal when performing full transitions. If anyone can confirm one way or the other, that would be very helpful in getting to the root cause of my problems, whatever they might be. Thanks :slight_smile: