Trouble with select and radiobutton bindings example


Hi there! I’m new with Ember and have a big troubles with basics. Can you answer on two questions:

  1. There are two users, next to the name of each there is a link “Edit” which opens an edit form. In the form there are text inputs and SELECT with the names of cities. If I choose to edit the item in the entire form perfectly substituted data and shows the current city in SELECT. But when I then click on the editing of another item SELECT remains with the previous city( I think this is something about bindings. This is my jsbin

  2. How did add/edit form with radio buttons? Do you have working jsbin examples?

Waiting for an answer :wink:

UPD: Comment to first question. The question is how to update the selection when the edited object has been changed?


This was easy. To get object instead of promise needed write content in the end of the my selection value. It should be