tvOS Limitations


Although I’m fully aware that there isn’t an effort to build out any sort of “Ember Native” parallel to the other frameworks out there, have there been any discussions on how tvOS is essentially blocking WebView? It certainly sounds like an intentional move from a security standpoint, and could drastically impact adoption rates.

That said I can still dream of building one ember app thats responsive across all platforms :slight_smile:


I don’t know what tvOS is but “Ember Native” will not work I think because the vendor.js will have to contain all 2800 or make all the addons also native? So I think your conclusion that it will drastically impact adaption seems correct. We also stopped making responsive ember apps for IE7 and perhaps IE8 so there will always be some platforms you will have to skip :disappointed:


tvOS is the Apple TV OS. It intentionally exculdes any WebViews. I believe most of the other ‘native’ efforts are libraries that map to existing iOS / android components, so its reasonable to assume they never see a browser, but much more limited collection than 2800. Probably unrealistic still. And also totally possible they’all find a way to include webviews in the future.


Hopefully eventually we can have a highly optimized rendering environment. Tree shake the browser and it’s methods. Make it so you have to explicitly import browser methods (document.getElementById, etc). Don’t know how this could work with css, maybe scan for all properties that are used during compilation. React Native could be forked.