Uncaught ReferenceError: _EmberObject is not defined

When my app is served using ember serve, I get this error in the console at the line below at EmberObject.extend.

import EmberObject, { get } from '@ember/object';

const CordovaInterface = EmberObject.extend({
  execute(...) {
    /// Does stuff
export default CordovaInterface;

This only started after I upgraded ember and all the dependencies.

Other modules I’ve created import and extend from EmberObject. And I believe they’re “loaded” before this one fine.

Please could someone advise, thanks.

@osawyer I’m running into this too, it seems like maybe the babel-plugin-ember-modules-api-polyfill isn’t operating on some of these files. Did you ever figure this out?

Tracking what I believe to be the issue here https://github.com/ember-cli/babel-plugin-ember-modules-api-polyfill/issues/64