Unknown Route Problem

I’m trying to love Ember. It seems to dovetail perfectly with pretty much every back-end and I’m using Rails. But… I always seem to get stuck on some nit that completely blocks me. I’m sure it’s just me and that someone will be able to tell me how to get past it. To see the JSON, you can install as shown below and navigate to:


What happens is that I get all the way to creating JSON from my Rails app (see Vic Ramon’s tutorial) and the model shows up in the data inspector with 0 entries. That’s where things fall apart. If I use model: -> 'foo' in my routing code, the whole route fail with an unknown route issue.

Is this a common problem? I’ve posted the code to Github here:


Simply do:

rake db:migrate
rake db:populate
rails server

That should show you the problem in the Ember inspector.