Update issues with ember-data with Couch


I m trying to upgrade ember data to 1.13.16 with NewSerializerAPI for https://www.npmjs.com/package/ember-cli-couchdb(data serializer) Sample Paylaod which comes from couchdb EG.

        type:'LOAN TYPE',

and the model loan:belongsTO(‘loan’) loan.js type:attr(‘string’), subproperties:hasMany(‘subproperty’) subproperty.js type:attr(‘string’) isrs:hasMany(‘isr’) isr: type:attr(‘string’) property(‘string’) elements:belongsTO(‘element’)

This is just one part of a document- THere are many nested relationship like above in one couchdb document The above addon correctly serializes and desrialises the payload to ember models for ember data verion 1.13.16 using old serializer api

How to go about doing this - tried EmbeddeRecordsMixin with newSerializer api but have fallen into in hard-to-debug ways.


I would try to switch to Ember Pouch version 3.2.2. for Ember Data 1.13.16 because when you upgrade to Ember Data 2.0.0+ you will get query and queryRecord, async by default and can use the awesome dontsavehasmany

Example: https://github.com/broerse/ember-cli-blog


@broerse same issue i dont want to sync it to couchdb document i call a api which gives the above couchdb document -(client does not have direct access to couchdb)- so i dont think using pouchdb is appropriate here (or can it support - have to see the docs) put post delete should change the data and send the request to a server (which then sends to couchdb)


@nobrains https://github.com/kushdilip/ember-cli-couchdb is the newest addon but it is not up-to-date. @BFalkner do you still use this? What do you advice? Perhaps https://github.com/ampatspell/ember-cli-sofa ??


yes https://github.com/kushdilip/ember-cli-couchdb works with ember data 1.13.16 using old serializer apis We were trying to make it work with the new serializer api as the old ones are removed in 2.0