Update value of a textarea

In order to have 1-way data flow, I’m using a <textarea> element directly instead of the {{textarea}} helper. After I type text into the textarea, though, I’m not able to declaratively update the text!

I can start with a default value, like this: <textarea>{{name}}</textarea>

As long as I don’t type into the textarea, I can change the “name” property and it will update the textarea text automatically. Once I type into the textarea, though, the textarea doesn’t get updated when I change the “name” property.

I suspect this is because of the JavaScript “value” property on the textarea, but this same exercise works with an input tag. Any ideas of how to keep 1-way data flow but get this to work? I could probably change the JavaScript value property of the textarea when the property changes, but that feels like I’m forcing it when it should just update.

Ember twiddle: https://ember-twiddle.com/0bc580c454ea7f9d25d2aeae626845a1

Well how about that – doing <textarea value={{name}}></textarea> instead of <textarea>{{name}}</textarea> seems to have solved this! Though that’s unexpected since the same thing doesn’t work in plain html (setting value attribute doesn’t set textarea’s text).

Hi skittem,

You can use default handlebar textare as follow :

{{textarea type='text' value= name rows=6 class='form-control'}}

But, If you want to use


Write it as

<textarea type='text'>{{food}}</textarea> It will bind correctly.

Same bits here: Why on second click I cannot change textarea ? :frowning:

it should change, what is the exact scenario you looking into?