Updating template when route model changes (?)

import Ember from 'ember';

export default Ember.Route.extend({
logMore: 20,
dateEncode: "",
model: function(){
	var url = "https://xxxx/api/xxxx";
	var localData = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem("user"));
	var data = { auth_token: localData.user_token };

	( this.get('dateEncode') !== "" )? url += "?from="+ this.get('dateEncode') : url;

        return Ember.$.ajax({ 
	   url: url,
	   headers: { "X-Api-Token": data.auth_token } 
	}).then(function(data) { 
	   return data;

actions: {
	loadMore: function(){
		var today = new Date();
		today.setDate(today.getDate() - this.get('logMore'));
		var initial = this.get('logMore') + 10;
		this.set('logMore', initial);
		this.set('dateEncode', today.toISOString());

I am using ajax to call an API and made an action than change the url with a param ‘from’ it’s a date return some days ago, the modal can call and return the new data but the template no change, i don’t know how to do it, if there somebody who can help thanks for your time.

Maybe another way to do that (?)