Upgrading ember rails app

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to upgrade an ember rails app.

We’re using ember-source 1.9.0 in rails and the current ember versions are:

  • Ember : 1.9.2+pre.7666db94
  • Ember Data : 1.0.0-beta.14.1
  • Handlebars : 2.0.0

As soon as I upgrade ember to 1.10.0 i get this error: template must be a function. Did you mean to call Ember.Handlebars.compile(“…”) or specify templateName instead?

And the ember app doesn’t load at all. Which i think is caused by the change from handlebars to htmlbars.

What would be a sensible approach to upgrading the site?

When I encountered this, it was because of some weirdness with caching in the development environment. See if deleting tmp/cache/assets/development and restarting your server helps.

They introduced a new template compiler (HTMLBars) as part of the Ember 1.10 release. This was some relatively big changes to the template system to prep for the new rendering engine that landed in Ember 1.13.

In general my experience with ember-rails has been that every time you touch it you probably want to clear out anything from it that’s being cached.