Upload unit tests on the production server? or not? this is the question


I’m newbie with EmberJS and Unit testing. I’m doing a dashboard for a web application, and I’m making unit tests for the controllers. My question is:

When you upload the code to the production server, I think is insecure/stupid/redundant to publish unit testing with the code, but as I say, I’m new with unit testing and EmberJS, what do you recommend? upload emberjs with all the unit tests, delete unit tests before upload to the server? put the unit tests inside a folder protected with password?

Thanks, Dracks.

Take a look at ember-cli-deploy - npm. Your tests should not be uploaded, and you should also automate your deployments.

Thank you,

Actually I’ve got a beta server on openshift, and I’m using a bash script to automatize. I will look the ember-cli-deploy tool.