Upvote this to help Ember gain traction with Spring Backend Users


I use a Spring back end and I really want to tie an Ember front end to it. I think this Jira feature request could really help bring a lot more people over to Ember!

If you agree, would you mind upvoting this feature request?


Thanks in advance!


The issue needs a better pitch to demonstrate the value of JSONAPI to Spring’s maintainers: it’s not just Ember using JSONAPI. Need to link to the JSONAPI spec, explain usage elsewhere, describe benefits, etc.


Yes I agree! You want to jump in there and help pitch it? :slight_smile:


I would LOVE to use Spring to back end an ember app. I am new to Ember, but use Spring for some projects. I would also really like to see a good, comprehensive tutorial on using Ember.js with Spring Security. The Spring website has such a SET of tutorials but for Angular. Nothing wrong with Angular, its really good. I want to learn Ember so that I can compare/contrast and see which works best for me and my projects.