Using ember component

Hye…i am very new to ember and i had a problem in using the ember component. I am creating a component for my restaurant-listing. when i used that component to display my restaurant list it should displaying two card in a row but it not work like that. it just work fine till i used the component. i am trying to upload image and i cant post this topic when i add some image file. i only allowed to put a single image in a post.

so i only put the image when i used the component . it appear like this

this is my code in the restaurant-listing.hbs (component)

{{#link-to "show"}}



Cuisines:     {{restaurant.cuisines}}
Category:     {{restaurant.category}}

Description:   {{restaurant.description}}

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and this is the code where i want to display the component

{{#each model as |restaurantUnit|}} {{restaurant-listing restaurant=restaurantUnit}} {{/each}}

Are you using any sort of css framework?

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Perhaps your solution is here? Whatever HTML you put in the component template will be rendered into the component element (div by default). Add your CSS classes as per the instructions in the link above.

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i just using bootstrap.