Using ember-models-tables


Have anyone used if yes can you please shoe how to define pass model into the component?


@opoudel, I was working with the same issue. I setup the ember-models-table component in the following way to get it to work:


The model is defined in the associated route. I was having trouble with the columns mapping being recognized in the route, so I created a controller used by the route that contained the columns definitions.

I hope this helps.


@opoudel, if you look at the Demo in the link you provided, there are a few examples of how you would use the component.


I am trying to test the addon, can you elaborate on columns …how did you generate them in the controller you created … from you model definition or just a simple array with names ? thanks



My columns definition is similar to the following where the propertyName is a model field name and the title is whatever label I want to give to the column header:

columns: [{ “propertyName”: “name”, “title”: “Name” }, { “propertyName”: “description”, “title”: “Description” }, { “propertyName”: “someOtherModelField”, “title”: “Title” }]