Using non-ES6 libraries with Ember App Kit

I’m starting off with Ember App Kit, but I’m at a loss for integrating non-ES6 modules into EAK.

For instance, my first requirement is Highcharts. As you can see from its code, the entire library is put in a self-instantiating function.

How do I get this lib to import in my ChartController?

If I’m able to resolve this issue, we can use other JS libs also in our code.

You don’t have to import it into your module if it’s going to be in the global namespace. Javascript is a dynamic language, it’s not going to check references at compile time. Just add the script to your HTML file and use it in your code as the documentation states.

Yes. I found that this method works.

I had been reading up on this, and there is an open issue about this -

Making sure to add the globals to .jshintrc -

This is correct. Tripped me up the other day as well.