Usual build times with ember-cli?


I’ve started on a new project recently and have been making efforts to optimize build times during development and deployment of our application.

I wanted to start a thread on what build times other devs usually experience with their ember-cli apps.

For me, when developing, it takes around 900ms to 1200ms to rebuild after a file change. With ember build -prod it takes almost 20 to 30 seconds! I’d really like to bring down the prod build time if possible.


This is known and being worked on by @stefan.


Good to know @jasonmit.

I was told that 900ms to 1200ms was a little high on IRC. Unless my project was huge, it should normally be in the ballpark of 5-600ms or under a second at most.

I’m currently working on a project that is pretty bare but has add-ons for our build process including ember-cli-mocha, ember-cli-blanket, and preprocessors like ember-cli-sass. Presumably this may be the cause of our extended build time.


Using (lib-)sass in an app with ember-cli-sass makes build times peak, especially when including frameworks like Bootstrap or else…

Note: You can also have an idea of the slowest tasks by looking at the table output in yout terminal.


Really? 5-600ms? Changing one file in a pretty much default Ember-cli app takes about anywhere from 800 - 1300ms for me (MacBook Air 2013 1.7 GHz Intel Core i7 for reference)