Vendor.js:16409 DEPRECATION: Using "_lookupFactory" is deprecated. Please use container.factoryFor instead

Anyone have a solution for this? I’ve followed the emberfire docs for setting this up but haven’t found a resolution for this…thanks

They refer to the documentation here, for more detail

@dshults It’s coming from the vendor.js which means that it’s not your code but code from one of your addons. I’d try and upgrade all of your Ember addons and see if it goes away. With some digging you can probably figure out which addon it’s coming from but sometimes that’s harder than just going through one by one and updating them.

Thanks @dknutsen, appreciate the reply. I’ll keep checking but I suspect this is coming from the torii plugin but I’ll keep searching and report back when I find a solution. It seems I’m not the only one according to the emberfire github issues - thanks again

It looks like the fix has been applied to the master branch of emberfire but has not been pushed into the ember-cli, see the patch

This partially resolves the issue. Hope this helps someone!

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