VSCode intellisense imports in gjs / gts files

When using VSCode to work on a project with gjs/gts files, it seems that the Intellisense import features don’t work in either direction.

ts/js → gjs/gts

When working in a regular js/ts file, I get this kind of autocompletion for components in the same directory:

But if I try to reference a component defined with gjs/gts, I get nothing:

gjs/gts → anything

When working in a gjs/gts file, I don’t get any import suggestions at all:

I started digging into this in the Discourse repository. But I can also reproduce the behaviour in the much more modern/simple scaffold provided by NullVoxPopuli/polaris-starter.

I searched through the forum, and issues on ember-template-imports, but haven’t been able to find any other mention of this problem.

Is this expected behaviour with the current implementation of ember-template-imports? Or is it something wrong with my local setup? :thinking:


I’ve noticed that as well, and there are a number of things that still need to be configured in Glint to pass through to the underlying tsserver. Made a quest issue here to get all those implemented:

There is one way of supporting auto-imports that does work for me tho, demonstrated on the polaris-starter project: