WCAG issue on ember navigation links

Hi I was trying to get the ember app wcag compliant using JAWS, an issue which came up was

This link points to a named anchor “/xyz” within the document, but no anchor exists with that name. <a id="ember635" href="#/abc" class="ember-view">Link Text</a>

Since ember navigation links use #/pathname, JAWS is expecting an anchor element for the same meaning something like <div id="abc"></div>, what is the ideal or expected way to solve this?

Are you required to use the hashlocation api? It’s better to not use it and use history location or auto location

I dont think using history or auto would be an option in my case, is there a solution for using “hash”?

I would advise that you ignore it. The error message is not relevant to your ember app because ember apps with hash location don’t work in the way that JAWS expects anchor links to work.

I wish I could, since we need to pass the compliance we have to come up with a way, thanks for the help : )

If you can’t change jaws or indicate to it in some way that the error is not relevant, or use hash location instead, it’s probably impossible to do that

true, ignoring the error for now. Its not just jaws even wave tool too