Weird error, a static route asking for dynamic segments

I got this crazy error about link-to not being passed it’s required params. It’s crazy because it’s a static top level route that don’t have any segments.

Assertion Failed: You attempted to define a `{{link-to "education"}}` but did not pass the parameters required for generating its dynamic segments. config is not defined

Here’s the route definition.


The culprit is this block of code. I’m passing a route name dynamically to the link-to helper in a loop.

{{#each categories as |category index|}}
    // one of these should translate to /education
    {{#link-to category.route}}<img src="{{asset-map category.thumb}}" alt="{{}}">{{/link-to}}
    <p>{{#link-to category.route}}{{}}{{/link-to}}</p>

Any ideas?

okay. found the issue. i forgot to load the config file required by one of the service in that route. my fault. but thanks for the very clear error message Ember. :exploding_head: