What has been your experience adopting ember engines? (and my possible use case)

:wave: folks.

I have been away from ember.js weeds for some time. I love the idea of engines and was curious about your experience adopting them and any challenges you faced.

I lead a team creating a 6 going on 7 year old ember.js application. We need to maintain a legacy feature but it prevents us from modernizing the core of our application. Thus, I’m wondering if cordoning off that feature into an engine would be a good and feasible fit.

Feel free to chime in with any experience you’ve had adopting engines too.


Generally speaking, this may not help you that much if doing it only to prevent modernizing the legacy feature.

Engines are isolated, but they should still share the same versions of addons and key dependencies. Any dependency upgrades they block now, they’ll block in the future.

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Thank you for advising me @runspired! Saves hours of frustration and pain. :smile:

Yeah I’d agree. Engines are great for isolating code and organizing your app but using them as a way to isolate old code is probably going to result in pain.

The only benefits I could see are:

  • the engine could then be compatibility tested by itself via ember-try
  • it might help to extract the old code into an engine and allow you to modernize the minimum amount necessary to keep it compatible but kinda ignore the rest

That said it’s probably still not worth it.

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