What is the best example of using lazy loading in an ember app

My case is a photo gallery in particular. Does anyone know of a good example to study?

Have you had any luck? I’ve been trying to find an example with list view

Ember List-View is terrific.

Edit to explain how it works: It renders what’s on the screen, and destroys what isn’t. What’s relatively unique is that when it destroys an item, it replaces it with an empty div that’s the same height as the element. This preserves scrollbar functionality (at the cost of requiring fixed heights for your items). It’s pretty zippy- I’ve seen production examples where you can scroll pretty fast and have a seamless experience.

I think the question here @kylecoberly is an example using lazy loading. List-View works great but it doesn’t care how you load your data, nor does it give an example of how to lazily load it.