What is the state of Ember's Namespaces?

They seem to be mostly undocumented and full of traps. I have some interest in using some kind of namespace-related system while working with Ember, but the moment I put anything in a Namespace other than my main Application object, everything breaks in weird ways and I can’t seem to fix any of it. When I search for help, most of what I find is accounts of how others are also unable to make Ember.Namespace do what they want, and vague suggestions that this type of namespace is going to get replaced by some new system anyway (probably one related to ES6 modules).

Also, I sometimes see it claimed that you should not nest Ember Namespaces. I specifically want nested namespaces, so this, in addition to the rest of the trouble I’m having here, has dissuaded me from trying to use Ember.Namespace for my purposes. So I’m not asking for help with that; I have other ideas now that will probably work much better.

But still, I’m wondering–is Ember.Namespace just some obsolete construct that nobody new to Ember should even bother learning about? Or is it really good for something, in its current state? Is it going to get better? Or is it going to get replaced?