What is the state of npm (server-side) ember?


Hi, I would like to know what is the current situation and following plans with ember npm (ember for node.js).

Is it still on roadmap?

https://www.npmjs.org/package/ember seems to be bit outdated

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I’m also interested in finding out more about this.

I’ve been using the current NPM build for a node project and have found the Ember object model/mixins/computed properties to be useful organizational tools for serverside code.

But I find myself missing some newer functionality and shortcuts in later Ember builds (The current NPM build is old enough that Ember.computed.alias isn’t around for instance).

My understanding is that the current NPM build was made from someone outside the team; and then the Ember.js core team asked to take over the project; and maintainer-ship was handed over; To my knowledge nothing has happened on this front since then.


We’ll probably see more activity on this after Ember core is broken up into ES6 modules. I suspect that real work will start when ember-cli development starts which will probably after EmberConf.


The ember-runtime is the suggested path for running Ember on the server. I’m looking for some examples if anyone has a repo to share? Thanks.


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doesn’t sound promising