What to do with ": You have turned on testing mode, which disabled the run-loop's autorun"?


I am trying to bring up integration testing but got this error message. After some googling, it looks it means it need to wrap everything with “async behavior” in Ember.run. This is unfortunately very vague to me.

Can anyone shine some light? Thanks!


when running in testing mode the automatic run loop is turned off so when testing anything that gets updated via the the loop you must explicitly wrap it in a Em.run for example :

Ember.run(function() {
// your code here });


Anything that happens from a callback that isn’t built into Ember (e.g. a jQuery plugin), should be wrapped in an Ember.run. We allow things to work without Ember.run for debugging and prototyping purposes, but it’s bad for performance which is why we warn about it in testing.

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