What would it take to provide a figwheel like workflow with ember.js?

What would it take to achieve Clojure’s lein-figwheel styled development workflow in Ember.js?

For those who aren’t familiar with how figwheel works, there’s a video here, but basically it’s like a livereload that maintains application state for clojure SPA’s written in reagent. This results in a really nice workflow, where you don’t have to step back to the same state of the application when testing changes (like filling out forms), and offers a more immediate feedback loop.

The reason it seems to work well for reagent, is because reagent is a wrapper around react, and react is known for it’s awesome ability to manage state. So when figwheel loads changes, it just updates the changed script tag, and renders the application with the maintained application state.

I’m just wondering how much would it take to achieve this workflow in ember? Is this something the community is interested in?

Also this is my first time posting here, so apologises if this is the wrong way going about asking this.