When to use #each User, #each user in controller, #each user in model, #each user in users, etc

I’m confused on how I’m supposed to iterate through arrays of objects and when to use the different possibilities.

So far I’ve come across:

{{#each user in controller}}
{{#each user in model}}
{{#each user in users}}
{{#each User}}

And I’ve even switched some of them up a bit just to see if I could break it; for example both

{{#each user in controller}}


{{#each user in model}}

output the same code successfully. I was hoping someone knew a simple exaplanation. Thanks!

Try to read the guides about controllers on the website, especially this one about Ember.ArrayController.

The important point is that controllers can be proxies. This means that when you say {{#each user in controller}}, the controller proxies to it’s model property. That’s why you get the exact same result as {{#each user in model}}

{{#each User}} generally does not make sense. {{#each user in users}} only makes sense when the controller has a users property, which won’t happen automatically just because you use e.g. an App.User model.

Makes sense? :slight_smile:

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:+1: with @seilund

I would add that if you have some sortProperties defined on the controller, then {{each controller}} would show a sorted result, whereas {{each model}} won’t be sorted.

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See also https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/commit/9c57efb9dcc1754d805bb401c20652f1e51db1b1

Thanks very much. That does clear it up a bit.