Where can I find documents about events like didInsertElements?

I’m trying to use ember and encountered with some really confusing questions.

The API document for Ember.View here has a Events section, which contains methods like didInsertElement, willDestroyElement . To my knowledge, these events should be overwritten when being used, just like beforeModel in Ember.Route, while Ember.Route#beforeModel is not classified as Event but a hook in its doc.

Is there an article about listing and using these events/callbacks/hooks with ember? How do they differ from each other?

Thanks for your help.


Sorry, I did not express my confusion clearly.

Thanks for the reference, the document is quite clear, but I am looking for something more common.

My questions like:

  • What is the preferred way of inserting hooks? If they are implemented by overriding, should I be worried about using mixins for hooks?
  • What makes them hooks? Do they share something in common, e.g. something for Function#on to listen to?
  • Is the Function#on prototype extension designed to interact with these hooks? I read some posts recommending the usage of function(){}.on for hooks. It’s hard to infer from the doc when I can use on to “listen to” a event (are they events?), and on simply doesn’t work for me.

Thanks for your help.