Where does the application instance get saved to in production?

Short story: So one of our developers has created an OAuth with a popup that references the container based on window.opener.APP_NAME_HERE. However, in production mode, that application instance is no longer there.

I know this is a horrible idea (and its a simple internal tool at the moment so theres no issues with security) and we’re changing this, but is there a way that in production mode in the mean while? I’ve looked through the entire window object and can’t find it anywhere.

window.Ember.Application AFAIK

Unfortunately that’s just a class, not the instance

Right. I was thinking maybe you could get access to the actual app instance from there. In production it’d be minified i suppose, so i don’t know that it would be easily accessible by looking through the window properties. I presume it’s a closure in there somewhere.

Have you looked into Simple-Auth?

I looked through all of that and wasn’t able to find it

I think you’re looking for GitHub - ember-cli/ember-export-application-global

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Genius!!! Thank you so much. I can’t believe I didn’t think about the application initializer! Thanks so much @acorncom