Where is the jsonserializer detail docs

Where is the detailed JSONSerializer docs? Guide mainly introduced JSONAPISerializer and a bit about JSONSerializer.

I read though API and Guide but I just couldn’t find what JSONSerializer expects from DELETE response.

The guide said “status code 200” and empty json object. Tired, it words for RESTSerilizer, but not JSONSerializer.

It took me quite long to test this and finally succeed with 200 and null.

Am I missing some important documentation?

Its there on the middle of the page also check out the Api doc they have some examples.

Is there something you are looking for in particular?

It didn’t mention anything about “return null when delete success”

Like for serializers, what to expect on the client side so Ember will serialize successfully for GET, PATCH, DELETE, POST.

I don’t think it is all outlined in a single place, but I did write a blog post that did: 404 Not Found

As far as the delete, I believe you can either return an empty response or the record that was deleted.