Where to put my local image?


I put image in public/assets/images/image1.jpg

in template some_text

but I get 404 not found this image?why?


Read the first couple sentences of http://ember-cli.com/user-guide/#asset-compilation


this is my code in template

<img src="assets/images/image1.jpg" > but not see anything

and console print this http://localhost:4200/assets/images/image1.jpg [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 3079ms]


They go in the public folder


Would you give me a complete example of local image usage,please?


in http://ember-cli.com/user-guide/#asset-compilation explaination is too embigulous to let me know

For example, if you place logo.png in public/assets/images, you can reference it in templates with assets/images/logo.png or in stylesheets with url('/assets/images/logo.png')

Please let us know what part is ambiguous. We want to be clear.


so this is wrong(beginner way to use tag ‘img’)

The website don’t say “must” use in stylesheets with url(’/assets/images/logo.png’) ,it is my misunderstand on tag ‘img’


No it’s not wrong to use an img tag.


finaly I found <img src="assets/images/image1.jpg" alt="some_text" /> is okay . The css way is OK too. Because in “/>” The / is what I lost key in . (so sily)


Nice information.

In my app, I code url as follows respectively in css file and js file, and they works well in browsers of both PC and mobile device, and in a cordova app as well.

In app.css

 #btnPlay {

In app.js

 let btnA = document.getElementById('btnPlay');
 btnPlay.background = "url(assets/media/images/play-sm.png)";


Actually, in ember 2.7.0, <img src="assets/image/image.png"> doesn’t work (it generates a 404 in nested routes) but <img src="/assets/image/image.png"> (with / before assets) works.