Why did Ember get rid of resource and strictly use route?


I’m currently in the process of updating an old Ember app to use Ember CLI. While doing so, I noticed since Ember 1.11.0 they have done away with resource from the router and are only using route. Was wondering if anyone knows why the Ember team decided on this? I personally like it, but was curious.


I think because nested .route()'s in ember-cli help with file organization. So rather than having a bunch of stuff at the first folder level, sub-routes are nested in folders instead. However, you can reset the namespace of routes just like resources by using an options flag. I know I’ve seen this posted elsewhere, but here is an SO answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30301937/how-to-namespace-an-ember-route-in-ember-1-11-0


Nice. Thanks for sharing that!